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Punishments should be robust and demanding ...


This section focuses on punishments being robust and demanding. It is simply not acceptable for a prisoner to pass his sentence in a state of idleness or for an offender to ignore a court order to pay a fine or compensation.

It also looks at strengthening the delivery of punishment so offenders have no choice but to confront the consequences of their crimes. We will also make offenders pay back to victims and society for the harm they have caused.

In more detail:

Custodial sentences

We will transform prisons into places of hard work, creating a working week of up to 40 hours and focusing education and training in prisons on equipping offenders to work.

Non-custodial sentences

We will improve non-custodial sentences so they better punish, control and reform offenders, including through the use of longer curfew orders and seizing offenders' property.

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