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You be the Judge: interactive game

Confused by sentencing? You be the Judge gives you an opportunity to sit in the judge's chair, to help demystify sentencing decisions.

Visit You be the Judge and you can choose from four scenarios based on real-life cases, each video lasting about six minutes. You can choose from cases of criminal damage, burglary, threatening behaviour and robbery.

You will hear the facts of the case, weigh up the aggravating and mitigating factors, and consider the offender's circumstances and the sentencing guidelines. As the judge, you get to choose the sentence and compare it to the actual sentence given. You'll also get to see what other people chose.

Thousands of people have already used the site, and interestingly their sentences are often more lenient than those given in court.

Try it for yourself - You be the Judge.

Once you've picked your sentence, do leave a comment below.

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